Deciding on those channels you are going to use is a hard one. There is so much to consider.

But I am going to try to break it down for you in this blogpost.

Social media channels broken down

If you’re main content is photo’s, infographics and other types of images, Pinterest is a great channel. It is very visual and has a great, active crowd. Is your crowd female and/or your solution something to do with DIY, home decor, fashion, makeup, or other creative things then you are definitely in the right place! For Pinterest it is best if you post every day, if possible a few times a day. But ‘pinning’ takes you no time at all.

Facebook is ok at interacting with crowds. You have Facebook pages for that, but only a small percentage of your fans actually sees a post. Interaction does help get more attention, so topics people are really passionate about will fare better. Facebook groups work if you want a close knit community. In both instances you need to post different kinds of content, on a very regular basic. And a big part of that content should not be about you or your products but around your audience and their problems. Facebook takes up quite a bit of time. It takes time to come up with the right words for a post and you need to react to posts of others as well. Facebook can be quite timeconsuming.

Twitter is great at interacting. You can send a message and everyone who wants to get it, gets it. You can also talk 1-on-1 while others that are interested in what you say can read. Content here is mostly text, while you can also post photos or videos. I would recommend using links to other platforms when the image/video can be found there as well. For Twitter time can be a thing as well depending on how much you interact with others.

If you want to make video’s, whether you are on it or not, YouTube is the place to be. You can even use Google+ and YouTube together to record a live held webinar. YouTube doesn’t take much time at all but making videos of course will. I also recommend having an other channel where you promote the videos.

You want to talk to professionals about topics that are related to business? Then LinkedIn is the best place to be. You will find professionals there in all kinds of fields. On LinkedIn you can post small messages or link to another channel like your blog or a video on YouTube. LinkedIn doesn’t take up that much time at all.


That’s the basics. But I can understand if you have many more questions. Let’s hear them in the comments below.