Ever seen an episode of So You Think You Can Dance (Works for Strictly come dancing, or any other dance show as well)? They show you a trailer of the two dancers who are about to perform. They struggle with the new routine, with the new dance steps, maybe they even got a new style to learn. You see them mess up and it looks absolutely rubbish and you think…

How will they ever make a good performance of this on stage?

Then suddenly you see them come up and… they don’t botch it! They might be ok or they might be perfect, but they are not rubbish anymore! That’s for sure.

How did they do that?


Repetition is (just about) everything

The dancers just kept on going, trying, rehearsing, repeating. And they started to get better and better, but they kept dancing the whole week, using every minute they got to get the best outcome they possibly could.

It’s the same with blogging, marketing, social media posts or anything else. You might feel you are rubbish, not sure what you’re doing, whether this will ever be right. But just keep at it, look at where you can improve and repeat.

Rinse and repeat.

If you keep working on improving and just keep at it, you WILL get better and suddenly you’ll be dancing as well!

What did you get better at, just by practicing a lot?