Some people feel like they have to be on social media, but they have no clue why. Others just openly ask: “Why should I be?”. They especially ask that if it’s not really in their nature to start posting things online.

It’s good to ask that question.

Because only when you look at the media objective and critically can you really decide what is for you and what isn’t.

When asked that question I tell people:

You should be on social media because it’s a low budget way to reach existing and potential clients and people expect companies to be on social media for easy access.

But it depends on your goals, target audience and yes, your personality which channels work best. That isn’t always Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn.

And it doesn’t mean that if it’s not in your nature to ‘put yourself out there’ that you should just forget about using it, but it does mean that it might be better to only take the most important channels for you and find a way to make it work for you.

Using social media for your business doesn’t mean everyone should be on the big channels. There is a lot to take into account:

  1. Your company
    If you have a company that delivers services to companies, you use different channels than a company that delivers products to individuals.
  2. Your goals
    When deciding on channels it is very important to keep in mind the goals you have. Selling is a different goal than getting more exposure, and keeping in touch with existing clients is different than finding potential new ones.
  3. Your audience
    Is your ideal customer male or female, young or old, a visual person or loves reading text? All these characteristics are important when choosing channels.
  4. Your content
    What kind of content do you have? Movie clips? Photo’s? Tips & Tricks for your product?

Only when all of this is known can you decide which channels are right for you.

So yes, there is always something you can get from social media. But there isn’t one solution that fits all. Luckily I would add. It makes it a lot more interesting for all of us to find what is right for you!