Setting some targets

26 Mar 2015

*Image by Christian Ferrari*

We are working on our online marketing strategy and what we have done so far is zoom in on our audience, figure out their problems, worked on our Marketing Stairs and our content list and picked out our channels.

So we are getting to the end of the line when it comes to your online marketing plan.

It is time to set some targets!

Setting targets

With your channels picked out you can set some targets for each channel.

Let’s say that you picked Facebook for instance. Your company helps people gain confidence when speaking in public and at your Facebook page you’re going to give tips and send people to the sales page for a course you have developed.

Your targets could be:

  • Growing the facebook page – Since I recommend to never think in total numbers, think in growth or a specific audience you want to reach more. In this instance the owner wants to grow its fanbase on Facebook with 5% each month for the next 6 months and atleast 50% of the new fans should be women between 25-44
  • Sending traffic to the sales page – For every post that is about the course atleast 2% of the reached audience should click the link. Don’t start this number too high since only a small percentage will click your links. It is better to up the game when you are reaching your goals than lowering them because it is impossible to reach. The first scenario leaves you feeling better.
  • Getting interaction – Interaction is good for your reach, both within your fanbase and outside (don’t forget only a small percentage of your fanbase will actually see a post!) so I recommend having a target to make sure your interaction is good. For this company we decide that 1 in 2 posts is definitely targeted to getting some kind of response and we want 10% of the reached audience to have some kind of interaction (like, share, comment). This is high in the beginning so you could start lower but try to gain more interaction fast!

Or let’s say you are self-employed helping both companies and individuals with their space planning of homes and offices. You have a load of visuals and decided to use Pinterest to gain interest and show people what is possible. People know their way to your profile but sales are lacking.

Your targets could be:

  • Get more clicks to your website – You obviously link your images to your website, but somehow hardly ever someone clicks through to your website. Most visitors are just looking for some inspiration. You decide to rename some (or maybe even all) photos to gain traction for some keywords that would be better for people that don’t know how to decorate themselves, instead of appealing to those that just need to find some inspiration. After that you want to have a 100 clicks a month to your website (it is 50 now). And you want 20 clicks directly to the sales page.
  • Get more pins shared – To gain more interest by people that don’t know how to decorate you need to be shared more. By renaming the images it is easier to be found but you also aim to get shared more by pinning more and more frequently.

What are your targets?



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