The other day I received a question how you could schedule tweets with Twitter.

Good question since it is a valuable thing to do. It saves you time while still being in contact with your customer on a regular basis (you still do need to reply though!)

So scheduling is a great thing to do. Problem is, Twitter itself doesn’t have the ability to schedule…

Using applications

That is where applications come in. There are loads of applications made especially for Twitter or for social media in general that give you the opportunity to schedule your tweets.

Me, myself and I use Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck started out as a third-party product (made by someone else than Twitter) and it quickly became one of the most used applications for Twitter. Twitter therefore decided to buy Tweetdeck and now uses it for people who want more than their regular Twitter features on the website. Tweetdeck comes in an webapplication, a desktopapplication for Windows and Mac and a plugin for Google Chrome.

Scheduling with Tweetdeck

For the purpose of this blog I will assume you already have an account (creating it isn’t that hard, since you only need to log in with your Twitteraccount) all set up.

When you log in, you see this blue button on the left side of the screen:


Or this one if the sidebar is collapsed:


Click it. You will start a new tweet (who would have guessed??).

You can now make your post, decide from which account (if you have more) and add a link and/or picture.

Then you click “Schedule tweet” and add a date.


Click “Tweet”. Instead of sending the tweet immediately it now sends it at the date you opted.

So in conclusion: all you have to do to schedule is add a date to your tweet by clicking ‘Schedule Tweet’. It really is that easy.

Now you know why I recommend Tweetdeck. It saves you time, without having a big learning curve.


I wish you good luck and a lot of productive fun!