Every year in December I review the past year and look forward to the next one. I started doing this when I came across Chris Guillebeau’s Annual Review quite a few years back.

Over the years I have developed my own version of my Annual Review which I quickly want to go over with you.

Old Reviews

I haven’t always posted my old reviews on my blog, but over the years I have written about some of my reviews in one way or another. I will link to the ones I have here:

How to review the year – Digitalie style

There are 3 phases to my annual review:

Dream phase:

Where do I want to go? What is my vision for my life and business?
This is important to think about. You want to make sure you are working on things that are right for you and your business. It’s not JUST about your business though, keep in mind health, relations, your whole world. Chris does that well.

I will do this by either writing out my ideal normal day or making a vision mood board or both. Something that makes me think about life as a whole, instead of focusing directly on the business.

I start with this phase because if I do the next phase first I somehow feel that dreaming comes more difficult to me.

Review phase:

  1. What went right this year?
    These might be unexpected things which is why I don’t like them to any goals.
  2. What went wrong?
    There will always be things you don’t like how they went. Be honest so you can see how you can improve this.
  3. What goals did I have? Did I make them? Why (not)?
    Goals don’t work unless you check them and see how you are doing and how you did.
  4. How did my numbers work out?
    Both financial numbers, as well as website traffic, social media numbers, etcetera is being reviewed in this stage to see how I did. Did it coincide with how I feel I did?

Planning phase:

  1. Setting 3 keywords for the next year
    I use my dream phase and things that I saw need work to set my 3 keywords for the next year.
  2. Setting up goals for next year (and working them out to real actions)
    Sometimes I use categories for this like Chris does and sometimes I just write out what works for me.
  3. Writing out plans and projects for next year
    If there are things that you know you want to do that have a specific moment, then it’s good to write that down and plan out. I also write out projects that come from my dreaming phase and goals. That way I know how to work on my goals and dreams.

That’s it. Sometimes I am done within a day for this but I prefer to take the time over three to five days so that I can add, rework, and mull it over.

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How I Review the Past Year and Plan the Next