This week I will be reviewing the year and looking forward to the next year. I use my own version of Chris Guillebeau’s Annual Review to do so.

There are 4 steps to my version of the review:

  1. What went right? What went wrong?
  2. What goals did I have? Did I make them? Why (not)?
  3. Setting 3 keywords for the next year
  4. Setting up goals for next year (and working them out to real actions)

The first two are for reviewing the last year, which I will be doing starting today. And while I won’t tell you all, I can show you some of my review. It will give you some idea of what reviewing your year means.

Steady income

My overall goal was to get steady income out of my business. Well I can tell you that didn’t happen. Not even close…

But I also hear from everyone that goal was just set a bit too high for a first year of full time self-employment. So it would be better to check out the progress.

And my company definitely made progress. There is more and more coming in, money wise but more importantly assignmentwise. So while this goal did not succeed I think I can say it is ok.

Blog 3 times per week

I started out blogging 3 times a week and while it was working ok, I decided it took too much time and I wanted to tone it down a bit. So I lowered it purposely to 2 times a week. And with some exceptions (due to illness mostly) I wrote those two blogs every week. SUCCES!

Exercise 2 times a week

Wow, did I have trouble with exercising twice a week! I don’t like exercising, that is one, so if there was something else, like an appointment I would skip exercising.

But then I got my dog… which means at least 2 walks a day (BF takes some of the walks as well), together worth an hour at least. So I get to exercise every day. And recently I added a class with Pilates and Yoga to the mix.

So while it didn’t work out as planned the idea behind it: staying fit, is working out ok.

Here you can see how important it is that you set your goal right. If I would have made the goal ‘Go the the gym twice a week’ I would have failed it, since I didn’t do that at all. But because I said exercise I did achieve it and so it is a success!


Even if you haven’t set goals for yourself last year you can review how the year went. Let me know in the comments, did you achieve what you set out to do?


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