In this blog post, I will be reviewing 2019. It’s an honest review and will include the good, the bad and the ugly. I will be doing this with my own version of Chris Guillebeau’s Annual Review. You can find my version here: ‘How I Review the Past Year and Plan the Next

My 2019 review:

Marketing for creatives

My dreams didn’t change much last year. I still want to help entrepreneurs make their marketing work for them in an easy and straightforward manner. I have narrowed my target audience a bit, in that I work with creatives. Whether you are a graphic designer, a seller of crafting supplies or a course creator, if you create anything, I would love to work with you.

What I did notice, though, is that what I was teaching others, I was not doing myself. I was not posting consistently on social media, sending out newsletters, nor posting blogs. There were a lot of (mostly private) reasons for that, but that is no excuse. I know what I am doing, but I do need to walk the walk, so to say. So that is something I want to focus on in 2020.

I also got pointed out that while I am a business and marketing strategist, I fell into the trap of selling myself more as a technical person — someone you just hire for a specific job. And while I do not send anyone away with a strategy to go figure it out on their own, I am more than just a technical person you hire for a job. I think that is what makes Digitalie so amazing; you can get strategy AND implementation. But I do need to show that more.

Learning vs doing

Though I have been good at buying fewer courses and running with what I have instead, I have bought/done a few things that did not bring me what I expected and needed. One of them was my mastermind group and the meeting near Barcelona. Not to say it wasn’t fun and I didn’t learn a lot, but it didn’t bring me what I needed nor expected.

I did meet a few great new business buddies through the mastermind that helped me grow in my business, and for that, I am thankful. But this year, I want to do more doing and less learning. Even though I already thought that was what I was doing last year, looking back, I still went into my ‘comfort zone’ of learning too much.

My first online course

I launched my first online course in 2019. A complete online course, all about content creation. This has been a dream and goal of mine for about 3/4 years, so I am delighted I finally did it!

The course building didn’t go as smooth as I wanted and the launch didn’t bring the 20 people I was hoping for but all in all I am just happy I launched it and got it out.

And I am proud of what it looks like. I want to promote this course more the coming year as well as launch 1 or 2 more classes. The first one is already in the works!

Other goals

I have finished some other goals (next to the course in 2019), and I am happy to get those projects off my Digitalie docket. I need to work on my business as well as in my business, after all.

There are quite a few big business projects I am taking with me to 2020 though. I have worked on them but they are not done. I am hiring an OBM to help me sort this out and make sure that by the end of Q1, some of those goals are finished and soon after all of them are done.

Client projects

I worked on some fantastic projects in 2019. I finished up a big project at the beginning of the year, worked on some projects during the years and have some projects that are still running. I had some great VIP days that brought a lot of business and marketing clarity to my clients.

I gave some amazing workshops on content creation, which I loved doing and want to do more of.

I also love that almost all of my maintenance clients stayed for another year of website management. It’s so great to offer something that brings peace of mind to people.

The numbers

So now it is time to talk numbers. To be honest, I didn’t meet my numbers by quite a long shot. I didn’t even meet my numbers of 2018.

My revenue was a bit less than in 2018 and about a third of that revenue turned into profit, instead of the almost 50% from the year before. I got told that 1/3rd is still far above the industry average but as someone who has been maintaining the 50% since starting Profit First, I was a bit unhappy about it.

Which is very hard to admit. We never want to say we earned less than we wanted. While I do not help people to make money, money is a vital part of running a business. And I made less revenue and less profit in 2019 than in 2018 and less than I wanted.

2019 Conclusion

All in all, it wasn’t the best of years. But it still was my 9th successful year in business. I had some amazing clients and loved working with them. On the downside, my revenue and profit were down, I wasn’t consistent with my own marketing, and I did not meet a lot of the goals I set.

Are there reasons for that? There are things I can point to as having contributed, but all in all, it’s just that I have been otherwise preoccupied. And there is just not much good I can say about that.

I am hoping this year I can focus on my Digitalie business and my amazing clients again and have a wonderful year! I have set some great goals, split them up in doable pieces and hope to create some real magic with my new OBM by my side!