February. Where did January go? It went so fast!

This month will be all about social media. Blogs about how to pick, what might not be your channel, etc.

And I will start writing about social media from this wednesday on.

But I just HAD to share something with you guys today: I have my logo!

Designed by Zesty Design

Esther Lemmens from Zesty Design made it for me. It took two months and a lot of thinking before I could decide what I wanted and how. Esther was a great help, giving advice, asking questions and of course coming up with a lot of great designs so I could pick and choose and give feedback.

The contestants

Last week we ended up with these two:

Digitalie - pink Digitalie - turquoise/purple

Both logos had something I loved and had the characteristics I was looking for in my logo:

  • Elegance
  • Modern
  • Knowledge
  • Connection (of people and of different media)
  • A bright color (if possible pink, purple or turquoise since those are my favorite colors)

The fuchsia one really is me: bright, cheerful and I look good in that color. However the blue one looked more sophisticated, professional and balanced. It was more in tune with what my company does and wants to achieve for all of you.

So in the end. The choice was clear.

This is now my logo!

Logo Digitalie

I hope you like it!


Edit: Esther also blogged about the making of my logo. You can read it here: http://zestydesign.co.uk/digitalie-logo-design-the-creative-process/