Any marketing plan you are going to write should start with your dream. Not just because it will give you a vision of where you want to go, but it will also help you shape the business you want to create.

Like I have said before you don’t want to start a business that will not lead to your dream. You do not want a business that will become your ball and chain instead of your ultimate freedom.

But how do you figure out what your dream is?

Start by answering these questions, add as you go along and then see how you feel about what you have written down in a few days.

Questions to find your dream

First of all let me tell you I believe you need to have both a more short-term dream and a long-term dream (and then some might have a medium-term dream in between).

The short-term dream is much more specific and clear than the long-term but both are necessary for a plan that is really going to bring you where you want to go.

So let’s start with the questions for your short-term dream. Think about 1 to 2 years into the future….

  • Where do you want to be living? What kind of house? In the same country?
  • Who do you want to live with? I don’t mean per se in the same house, but who do you want to hang out with, have time for, on a personal level?
  • What kind of money will you be making? Is it 3.000 a month or 300.000 a year? Think a bit realistic here. So don’t say a million if that is hard to imagine happening. But at the same time challenge yourself. Don’t say 2000 just because you are making 1500 now. That is not a challenge.
  • What kind of impact will you have on the world? What will you be doing?
  • How will your relationship be with those who’s live you touch through your business?

Here is a great example that I generalised from one of my clients:
I want to be making enough money to not only be financially independent but be working towards buying a bigger house. I want to be able to travel a lot but still have this house as my homebase. I want to start thinking about starting a family, maybe start by getting a puppy first. I want to help the world become a better place by beautifying it.

So now write down your short-term dream.

And then it’s time for thinking up the long-term dream. You can put a date on it if you want, like ‘I want to achieve this in 2025’ but you don’t need to.

Answer the same questions as before to start of your long-term dream.

For me my long-term is that I want to be able to make enough money to retire my boyfriend so he can start his own company without having worries because of the financial effects. I would love to travel with a camper through Europe. And so much more ideas…

Have you gotten that all down?

Now add the answers to the following question: What else would you love to do/achieve/learn on the long-term? Things you are really passionate about, not just that it would be fun to learn a bit about it. I have clients answering if they would have a chance they would love to learn more about photography or do volunteer work in Africa. I would love to learn to scuba dive and dive in a few very special waters.

Write it all down because it will help you get a clearer picture of what you really think is important.

I had a client that had so many ideas but there were 2 really strong believes that run through all those ideas. She wanted to really empower people to change their own lifes and use movement in any way she could to insure better results.

Because we noticed it we could take one business idea and build on that so that both believes would get enough room to grow and be nurtured. We could also take a lot of other great ideas and put them aside for now, with the note that she would get to them on a later moment.

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