You want to write great blogs? Something that everyone wants to read and share?

As always: preparation is key.

If you try to write a blog post in twenty minutes without any preparation, thought or outline, chances are it won’t be a great post.

But if you start off slowly, by preparing and researching, when you actually start writing it will go much faster and will give better results.

So how do you prepare?

How to prepare for a great blog post

Step 1: Think of the topic

Do you have the main topic already? Was it in your blog calendar? That’s great because it gives you a place to start, but it doesn’t mean you can skip to step 2. Just to step 1b 🙂

If you haven’t got a topic yet. Do not worry. That is what step 1a is for.

1a: Subject brainstorming

Brainstorming ideasThink of your main subject of your blog and if you have them your subtopics. Do you have a category you are writing about this month? If so, what is it? If not, what would you want to write about?

Try to get a starting point and just let your mind wonder.

Write or draw or in some other way capture all ideas, no matter if you think they are good or bad.

Now look at your brainstorm. See something you really want to write about? Or maybe if you combine two things you wrote down?

Pick a topic.

1b: Working on your topic

Even if you have your topic that doesn’t mean you are done. Because you can still think about the point of view you are gonna take in the article. Is it an opinion piece? Or is it all about tools? What elements will you talk about and what are for now not interesting or too much in to depth.

Think about that for a bit. Write down anything you want that has to do with your topic.

Step 2: Write an outline

So now you know what you want to talk about, in which way, discussion what points.

Write an outline with that knowledge.

It’s best to start of with a short introduction into the problem, then go on to explaining the solution. The last but greatest part of your article you show the reader how that works, how to use the information.

Step 3: Research

Is there anything you need to research after writing this outline?

If you need some research now is the time to do it (not earlier, since it will only get you distracted). Search for examples if you need it, or articles about the subject. Check for tools, images or videos.

Anything you thought of while working on the outline. Get it now.

And then it’s time to wait.

Step 4: Wait

Step 4 might sound a bit weird but the last step of great preparation to a post is leaving this preparation for a while before starting to write.

It will ripe in your head. Getting even better, or you might decide to change it a bit.

Waiting is very important and will get you the best posts!


Friday we will talk about writing that great post.

Do you have any special things you do to prepare yourself for a blog?