Ever made a painting by using the famous ‘by numbers’ painting? The different numbers are code for different colours which tells you what goes where. It’s up to you to make it nice. You have to paint well, be creative, make it pretty – within the rules of the painting.

If you and a sibling ever did the same painting you know they never come out the same. You both give your own spin on it.

Marketing is exactly the same.

Of course you can’t go completely crazy when it comes to marketing. There are basic rules you have to obey.

And there are techniques to fulfill these rules.

If we keep in the painting by numbers analogy, the numbers would stand for target audience, goals, channels, etc. Techniques would involve oil paint, watercolour, pastel or ink for instance.

Use your creativity

It’s up to you to become creative. There are a million ways to make the painting come to live, you have to decide which techniques to use and how you will be colouring. Will you paint within the lines? Will you mix the colors a bit to get nice edges?

Marketing is not an exact science, but a product of your creativity. So enjoy the process and have fun!