It is the first of January and the perfect day to reveal my 3 words for 2015 to you.

People, Progress, Process

People: I want to focus more on the people that are important to me. My clients, who give me work, by making sure I communicate even better and by giving them extras. Thank my partners for working with me. Send more cards to my friends and family and visit them more. Have more quality time with them.

Progress: I want everything in my life to make progress. My business by having more clients, more income, new products and services. I want my ideas to progress faster, since sometimes all my ideas got me to a complete halt and I want to make sure that 2015 is the year I keep going. I also want to progress my knowledge by educating myself further. And I want to help clients make progress by giving them the right tools for the job.

Process: Some of the things I do are always the same. Websites are always made in the same order, no matter the different outcomes. Updates and backups are always done the same way. But these things aren’t locked in official processes yet. I noticed it might save me loads of time if there are processes I can follow every time, so I don’t have to think about what comes next. It will also help me not forgetting anything.