I always tell you that online marketing doesn’t have to be hard if you have a routine and stick to it.

It is true. I love my routine and what it helps me accomplish. And every time I don’t follow it I always regret it.

My routine:

  • At the end of the month plan blogposts for next month. At least decide on titles and topics but write as many as possible immediately.
  • Every blogpost planned is scheduled for the date that is written in the blogplan for next month. I post my blogs on tuesday mornings.
  • With CoSchedule social media posts are made for that blogpost. Twitter: 2 tweets on the same day, 1 the next day, 1 the next week and 1 next month. Facebook: 1 post same day, 1 post next month. LinkedIn: 1 post same day,
  • Repeat for Dutch side, but switch up the days a bit so I won’t post dutch and english directly after each other. Also, my Facebook posts are only English.
  • Twitter: post at least 3 tweets a day (links to articles, things you are doing, retweets)
  • Facebook: check twice a day, schedule posts (pictures, quotes, questions) once a week for all weekdays
  • Linkedin: react to posts in groups once a week, if direct reaction to you react same day. Post update on work once a month.
  • Send newsletter once every 2 weeks. Give tips & tricks that are not in on blog.

So why do I do this you might ask? Well part is just how it has evolved but I also notice a big decline in comments, reactions and demands for consultation when I don’t. This mix is what works for me, my time & energy and my clients. And if I keep to it, it doesn’t take me much to keep everything rolling just right.

What is your routine?