My Content Routine

25 Aug 2016

I always tell my clients it is so much easier to make your content if it is a routine, if you know what to write and you know what to do.

To show what I mean I want to share my routine with you.

My Content Routine

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Once a week I make my content for the week ahead. Normally it is the friday before the week to come but this blogpost is actually part of content I’m writing 2 weeks in advance. No problem, because I know exactly what to do.

  1. Pick a theme of the week
    I first pick a topic what my content will be about for that week. I use my ContentTree to make that decision and try to keep in mind content I’ve talked about before or sales I have going on. I write that in my Content Planning Template.
  2. Decide on the topics for blog and newsletter
    I use my ContentTree to pick out two subjects connected to that theme that I haven’t written about before or in a long time and pick which one is going to go to the Very Important People on my newsletter and what is going on my blog.
  3. Write big content
    I write the blog post and newsletter about the topics picked. I make sure there is a gem in there for my community, because I want to make sure they keep learning new stuff.
  4. Write small content:
    I write the small content for my Facebook group, other groups I am active in, Instagram, etcetera. They are related to the theme of the week and sometimes they are small nuggets of the bigger stuff I wrote for the blog and newsletter or are connected to it.

And then I am done. I will schedule the blog and newsletter to go out on the times they are supposed to and then the only thing I need to do each day is to go into my Content Planning Template and post the posts I had planned for that day.

Want my Content Planning Template? Check it out below:




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