About me

Are you an entrepreneur who:

  • has a passion for her business?
  • rather spends time on clients than online marketing?
  • gets stressed out by online channels?
  • let her marketing fall into total chaos unintentionally?
  • doesn’t know how to make digital marketing easy but really wants to

Then I would love to help you!
It’s all about picking the right channels for you, your ideal client and your business. I will help you make that as simple as possible. 


Hi! I am your Online Marketing Magician

I am Natalie, the person behind Digitalie. I am an online marketing strategist and a tech specialist that helps entrepreneurs make their marketing feel like magic: easy, fun and very effective!

When I was 3 years old I already understood how the tech in our house worked better than my parents… And now I use that knowledge to bring some magic to the world! 

Learn how to use tech in online marketing in a way that works for YOU. I’ll make things seem simple and easy for you to do. Using the computer to communicate has been my go-to tool for as long as I can remember and I will use that skill to help you communicate better with your ideal client.

Want to have a coffee chat (via the computer of course)? Book in a time!


I do this by…

  • Brainstorming about your client’s dreams, wishes and fears
  • Showing you the right channels for YOUR company
  • Writing a clear, concise strategy, specially made for you and what you want to achieve
  • Teach how to use the right tools so it gets automated the right way
  • Making content for you
  • Doing whatever you need to be successful!

Whether you need an one-off chat to talk about your marketing or help on a day to day basis, I got you covered! 


Want to talk about making marketing fun for you?