When I was at a networking event the other day a woman told me that people didn’t respond to her quotes. She said she was cheap, time efficient and great at her job and she couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t accept, or at least react to, her quotations.

That is when I realised that people don’t realise marketing is more than just promoting your business.

The woman was a party planner and was getting great reviews from the people that did hire her. However she felt desperate when calling back to hear if people would be interested.

5 steps to a great quotation for party planners
(and every other service oriented business)

1) Start your quote with a summary of your conversation

When you are in the service industry, about to be hired, you will have a meeting beforehand about what the client wants and needs. You can ask questions and get a feel for what he says he needs, and what he really wants. In your quotation you start with referring to this meeting, writing down what the client asked for.

2) Tell the client what he needs

Then explain what you feel he really needs. Do this (of course!) in a very nice, friendly way, but if you feel your client missed parts that will up the party, don’t just leave it out.

 3) Describe the event vividly

It still isn’t time yet to talk about prices. First, vividly describe what the client will get. And I don’t mean products. I mean the experience, the end result, the feeling. What will the benefit be of hiring you.

4) Now talk money

You know what I mean. Describe the pricing of your services. Don’t be too vague or to explanatory. Just write what it costs. Make sure there are no hidden costs. Be transparent and open.

5) End with the great feeling again

End with describing the feeling you wrote about at step 3 again. This time make it short and sweet but make sure the client feels like ‘Yes! I want this’. This way he won’t end with a feeling of ‘Oh gosh, money’ but a happy feeling of how great it is going to be.

Where do you feel you lose potential clients?


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