We have bad associations with the word. We all feel like it means influencing people into doing something they shouldn’t, like jumping of a bridge into the water when we feel it is too high. Or manipulation means letting people on, so you think you’re asking for more information on an energy company and suddenly you are already stuck with a contract.

That is what we feel manipulation is.

But manipulation can also change your behavior in a good way.

Think of persuading your kid to eat their vegetables. You might manipulate her a bit by pureeing the veggies and hiding them in a sauce. It is still manipulation but it is not bad, though they still have no clue of what you are doing. But when you just keep persuading someone to do something by countering all their arguments they can make a conscious decision.

So there is good and bad manipulation.

Persuading techniques by Derek Halpern

One of the online marketing heroes I look up to is Derek Halpern. He has his company social triggers where he teaches something every week about the human mind and how marketeers can use a concept to their advantage. I know some of you do not like how he talks and acts. Yes, he is very much American (if you are European you know exactly what I mean), but his videos are packed with great information! And that is what it is all about in the end.

He had a video last week ‘Is persuasion manipulative? Yes. And that’s ok. Here’s why‘ which was about Derek being convinced into wearing a ski helmet and the 3 persuasion tactics that got him to that point. You can use these techniques when trying to manipulate people in changing their behavior. Manipulating their behavior to choose your product.

The reason he felt manipulation isn’t always bad is when a ski rental guy convinced him to take a helmet and it saved him.

Want to learn how the guy persuaded Derek in wearing a helmet with those 3 techniques? Watch the movie:


Which technique(s) would you use?

  • The bonus
  • Countering an objection
  • The why-question?

Let me know in the comments below.