I work partly from home and partly from a special community for starting entrepreneurs. We work in an open-plan space so we can talk with eachother, learn from eachother and grow together.

Lots of times I see new entrepreneurs come in. They have started their own business for loads of reasons and have a vague sense of what they want to do. If it is right, it has to do with their passion.

But most of them struggle. Even if they know their passion, they still don’t know how to make a business out of that passion.

So today I want to talk about the fact that there are multiple parts to building a business doing what you love: passion and determination.


When starting a business it is really important that you are passionate for what you are doing. You are going to have to promote your cause, your business, and that is a lot harder to do if your hart isn’t really in it.

Some entrepreneurs already have a great idea of what their true passion is. They are the lucky ones that just need to figure out how to make that into an actual business. Some think they know their passion but aren’t sure or think they might be on the wrong path… If you are unsure about your passion too I have a treat for you. This thursday I have a guest blogger Charo Pinilla talk about ways to find your passion.

So, you got your passion, your love for something you want to achieve. But passion alone won’t get you anywhere. You will need determination in finding the rest of your path to create a business that you love.


Because passion is only the beginning. Passion can’t be sold.

You are going to find who your ideal customer is, what he needs help with, what she will want to buy, how you are going to package it.

And that isn’t an easy route. You will need to find your way through the woods.

There are gonna be crossroads and dead-ends. Too many options or too little options. You’re going to be with your head in the cloud and the next day want to bury your head in the sand.

It is hard to figure al this out. I have been in business for over 4 years and still I am working on improving the answers to those questions.

And that is why it takes determination to get through those questions. It takes determination to keep going when the answers get hard, or life throws you a curveball.

Life lesson

But don’t be discouraged. Because if you can find that determination, work on your business, you will grow by leaps and bounds. And you will take that growth and determination with you, wherever life takes you.


*Coverphoto by Ales Krivec @ Unsplash*