Last week, as you may have noticed, there was no blog.

‘Booooo’ you might have thought  (rightly so). You know what? So was I. But not for the same reason.

No I was yelling ‘Booooo’ because my website was being hacked.

I couldn’t publish a blog because my website was under heavy attack. They were doing what is called a ‘Brute Force Attack’ where they just keep trying names and passwords in the hope that something works. This is of course automated as no person could type in password after password after password.

My security

Luckily they did not succeed! There were a few reasons for that:

  1. My passwords aren’t easily guessed since they aren’t words but random sets of letters and numbers. I use LastPass to both remember my passwords and to generate them, so that I can have difficult passwords for each login, and make them all different. LastPass is called a password vault and there are multiple resources like this out there.
  2. My hosting provider automatically bans IP adresses that are trying to login loads of time, without succeeding, thus making sure hackers get banned.
  3. I have iThemes Security for extra safety measures, including my own bans and special demands when it comes to passwords.

A secure website

Because of this brute force attack I decided that I wanted to tell you once again that your website is only as safe as you make it. Please:

  1. Make sure all passwords on your website aren’t 12345 or Welcome01 or something like that!
  2. Make all passwords different. I can understand this means it is hard to keep track of all your passwords but you can use a vault like LastPass for that.
  3. Choose a good hosting provider that notices people trying to hack you and bans their IP adresses.
  4. Add extra security via a security plugin. I love iThemes Security.

If you need any help with securing your website I would love to help you. I have a special package to make sure hackers will have more trouble getting in (you can’t ever be sure they won’t succeed). And if they do get in, god forbid, the package also comes with backups so we can just move your backup right back. No harm done! If you get this package now, your website will be secure for the rest of 2015 for free!

Have you ever been under digital attack?