You know your passion and how to make it your unique selling point. Now it is time to think about what you are going to do, what you are going to sell your clients.

I have talked about the Golden Circle before, explaining why you should start with the ‘Why’. You know your ‘why’ now, you got your passion all figured out. So it is time to work on our ‘How’ and ‘What’.

The Golden Circle

If I would ask you what you do, you would start with the actual What, right? Something like “I sell sustainable products” or “I give workshops blogging”. But the ‘Why’ behind your story is much more interesting for both you and I. And it gives your company more possibilities when it comes to the What. Let me explain…

Simon Sinek talks about the difference between most brand and the great brands of our time. He explains that most companies talk about the What and maybe the How, but almost never the Why. Sometimes it isn’t clear whether they just do not talk about the Why or they don’t even know the Why themselves. While, Simon tells us,  the best brands start with ‘Why’ and work their way outward on the Golden Circle, where Why is the center and What is the outer ring.

Why is the passion, the reason why you do what you do. It is the reason you (and your company) exists.
How is how you get your passion across, how you will be helping people.
What is the tools and services you will be selling to help.

You could also say Why is the Motivaton, How is the Process and What is the Product.

Why, How, What

So if you have figured out the Why for you and your company with the help of the previous blogpost then you are now ready to move on the How. How will you use your passion to help people?

Let’s give an example.

My Why is that I want to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

My How: I want to that by simplifying (online) marketing so they are more visible with less effort.

And when you figured that How out you could move on to the What. In my case I offer 1-on-1 coaching and workshops, I build their websites, etc.

See that they are not all the same sort of services. 1-on-1 coaching and workshops are both training entrepreneurs but building websites is actually making a product for a client. That is a fun extra of starting with the Why, you can have multiple strands of What.

Let’s talk about Apple for instance. This is how they started:

Why: We think differently, we believe in changing the status quo
How: We make our products beautiful, simple to use and user-friendly
What: We make great computers.

Because their Why and How are so strong, and are focused on beauty and easy-to-use, they can jump from one technology to another without any problems. And so they started with computers but could move to phones, music devices and so on without changing their brand since their brand was already build on the premises of them making technology easy.

Your Why, How, What

I love to hear your Why, How, What. Do you have your story ready?

If not, let us help. Write down what you got and get my feedback as well as that of the community.