I find it very important to have a purpose as an entrepreneur. A focus where you steer towards and where all your energy is directed. That is the way to get most out of your entrepreneurship and everything that you put into it.

And with that overarching goal in place you can set specific goals for certain parts of your online marketing.

But a goal ‘I want more turnover’ is to unclear. This is not a goal that gives you the opportunity to set up sub goals since you still don’t really know what you want to achieve. That is why is very important to make it specific.


You’ve probably heard of it, SMART. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-sensitive.

I don’t know about you, but I always hated the term. ‘Make it SMART’ or ‘That isn’t SMART enough’. It just didn’t feel right anymore.

Silly ’cause the idea is great.

The vague goal ‘I want more revenue’ won’t help you. You don’t have any plan how you will get there or when you actually managed to get there. What is more revenue? One euro more?

SMART can help you formulate it like this: I want 10% more revenue on the 31st of December compared to January first. This is Specific (more revenue), Measurable (10%), Acceptable (That is something that aligns with what I want), Realistic (I am not asking for 50%) and Timesensitive (there is a deadline).

Another goal might be ‘I want 2 more customers per month’. Love that goal. It is specific (2 more customers), measurable (do I have 2 more customers?), acceptable (sure, i’d like 2 more customers), realistic (I am not asking for 20) and timesensitive (per month). SMART experts would say it needs to be SMARTer, stronger. It would need to say 12 instead of 10 or whatever. But that is where SMART lost its purpose and we lost SMART. As long as you have a way to measure if you are getting close to your goal, or what you need to get to tick off your goal, it is perfectly fine.

Because that is what you need to set up sub goals for your online marketing. That is what helps you adjust your efforts.

Sub goals

Let’s keep using the 10% revenue increase. You know how much extra you need to get in and probably know the services that will get you there with ease.

When you know that you can use online marketing to get there. Maybe you want more newsletter subscribers so you can send them an email series about the service. Maybe you want to have a Facebook challege… Maybe. But you won’t be able to determine that till your goal is specific.

My goal right now is to get 2 customers per month for my amazing new program called ‘Simplified intuitive marketing strategy’ where we amongst other things talk about this goal setting and using that for your strategy. What is your goal right now?