Last Monday I talked about the sender of a newsletter. You might not want the newsletter to be from your company, but it can’t be – just – from an employee either. People need to recognize your brand.

So today I would like to show you where you can fill in the sender and some other information in Mailchimp.

The most important information of a newsletter

When you start a new campaign in Mailchimp you first need to identify to which list or segment (part of a list) you will be sending the email. After that you get to this screen:

Mailchimp Campaign Info

Name your campaign

First order of business is to name your campaign. This is just for you and your company, if you do not have access to the Mailchimp account you will not see this. So make sure the name means something to you. You can number the newsletters or add a date.

Email subject

The title of the email. It is very important to think long and hard about the title of your email. It has to convince your subscribers that they want to open the email and read the content. “Newsletter #4” probably won’t cut it. CoSchedule just tested loads of different email subjects and have some tips for you.

From name

This is what we talked about last Monday. Right now the email says “Digitalie” since that is the standard name that Mailchimp puts in. But to make it more personal I need to add my own name to it.

From email address

What we didn’t talk about is the “From:” email address. People can see the email address as well and it might be a good idea to make that a personal account too. I use my info email address at the moment, but could change it to my personal one.

Manage replies

This is a paid feature of MailChimp. The last newsletter I sent got loads of Out-of-Office replies and some genuine replies. What MailChimp can do for you is filter the Out-of-Office ones and thread the real replies. A nice feature if you pay for other reasons (like volume or not having the grey MailChimp button underneath your emails) but not something I would pay for.

Personalize the “To:” Field

I feel this is really important. The newsletter goes to the email address that is subscribed but you can make MailChimp add a name. This makes it feel more personal, because you know the persons name and actually sent the email to a person, not just an email address. Added bonus: Gmail thinks higher of you if you add a name.

Did you already sent out your first newsletter? Are there part of the campaign info you will be filling in differently next time?


**The image is Freddie, the mascot of MailChimp**