This week I am focussing on my Annual Review. On Monday I told you a bit about how I did in 2014. And now I am looking forward to 2015.

But first of all I want to talk about my goal setting in general. I had some questions from you guys and wanted to address them. Some thought goalsetting would stifle their creativity, others were scared they would fail if their goals wouldn’t be met.

Goal setting for me

Yes, you could feel like you failed if you don’t meet your goal. You shouldn’t of course, because you are not a failure, but I can see where you could feel like not meeting your goals would be failure. If you really feel that way you could only do the 3 words part, and let those three words guide you through 2015. If you pick your words well, they can really be your guiding light.

I personally take another path: I see my goals as things I would like to achieve, not things I MUST achieve. So while it is good if I can manage them, if not, then so be it. It is more like a direction I want to go in, and it would be awesome if it could be achieved before…. So while I wanted to achieve financial stability in 2014, I didn’t but I did make progess and so I am quite ok with it.

One of my goals in 2015 is getting 20 new clients. Maybe I will make it, maybe I don’t. But I do want to see me try. I use it to remind myself of what I find important: more clients I can help.

The goals really help me by reminding me of what I want. I’ll demonstrate that again while tackling the other objection.

Creativity stifled

The question I got as well is if my creativity wouldn’t get blocked by all this goal setting. I feel that it depends totally on what your goals would be.

One of my goals for 2015 is finishing my Scotland scrapbook. In 2013 my boyfriend and I went to Scotland and while I started my album I haven’t finished yet. Just because I didn’t take enough time to scrapbook while I love to be creative. So by setting the goal to finish my Scrapbook before the first of May, what I am really doing is telling myself to take enough time to scrapbook from time to time. Giving myself permission to take time to be creative and not work on my business. I couldn’t care less if it would be finished the first of May of the first of August, but I do want to give myself time to work on my crafts. If it is the first of May and I haven’t done a thing on the album yet, I would be sad and know I am doing something wrong.

Another goal is to write 4 ebooks this year. Again what this does is tell me to regularly take time to be creative and write.

So no, I don’t believe my creativity gets stifled by my goal setting but actually gives my creativity permission to come out and play once in a while.

My goals

You already heard about 3 of my goals. Want to hear some more?

Business: Work out some processes so standardised things don’t take me a lot of thinking, I can just tick boxes.
Finances: Get my income up to x per month by 1-4-15 and up to y by 1-7-15
Health: Eating fish once a week and vega once a week
Friends&Family: Go on a date night atleast once a month, Send cards to friends&family for birthdays and the likes

As different as these are, they are all goals. And I have many more where they come from.

Remember: we overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can do in a year. Let’s make plans to make 2015 the best year it can be!