We are using December to look back at the year that has passed and looking forward to the year that is to come. Last week we looked at the best read and most shared blogposts from Digitalie.

Today I want to talk to you about some of the most interesting things that happened (regarding online marketing of course). Both within Digitalie and in the world. And in no particular order.

  • The selfie went a bit too far – The selfie trend started earlier but in 2014 companies tried to use the idea for the own use. For instance with Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars. At some point it went a bit overboard with every company asking for a selfie from you or making selfies…
  • I made a video with me in it – I had already made some videos before but I always dreaded making videos staring me. I finally did so and it was actually quite fun. There are probably more to come if I can find a reason to do so 🙂
  • A year full time entrepreneur means ups and downs – As from January 2014 I was a full-time entrepreneur. I can tell you that is a whole different game than being a part-time entrepreneur, with a steady job for safety. And so this year for me was full of ups and downs, being really happy when playing even, selling my first <insert a product/service here> and missing out on cool assignments. My friend Charo wrote 3 tips to deal with that rollercoaster.
  • Facebook alternatives came (and went) – There were a few Facebook alternatives that came out this year. They came to wipe out Facebook, but failed fantastically. One of them was Ello. Everyone wanted an invite but it is quiet and spooky there. Not gonna wipe out Facebook any time soon…
  • Blogs getting shared by well known people – I made a blog about what we can learn from the marketing at Madame Tussauds that got shared by Madame Tussauds! How cool is that. I also wrote about the video from #LikeAGirl where the creative mind behind the video thanked me for the blogpost and shared it. I was so honored by these events and would love it if next year blogs could entertain both you and the big shots too!

These are things that stuck with me this year. There are definitely more. What are some things that stuck with you, both in your business and the world? Let me know below in the comments.