Bio Peter ShallardTelling the world who you are in as few characters as possible.

That is what the Twitter bio is all about.

A few days ago a Dutch blogger Kitty Killian wrote about effective Twitter bio’s (in Dutch). She said that most people have boring and far too long Twitter bio’s (well, that is my interpretation of her blog).

I hadn’t thought about it much, but after reading her article I had to agree.

A bio that is short, sweet, powerful and has a bit of humor works a lot better than a bio that uses as many of the 160 characters as possible, telling us all a lot of things that are not interesting for anyone.

Who would you rather follow? Peter Shallard, the bio I opened this post with, or something like this

Bio Business Coach


I feel like I can see you yelling: “The first one! Peter! All the way!”

Why? Because his has personality, it’s fun. You can’t help but laugh at the ‘shrink for entrepreneurs’ part. ‘100% organic tweeter’ gets your attention as well.


So what are the important points of Kitty’s post?

A Twitter bio should:

  1. Be short, as short as possible. – If you can do 1 sentence instead of 2, do it!
  2. Not use common terms that don’t actually mean anything – Do not use “people person” “sharing knowledge” or qualifications no one understands except your colleague
  3. Have humor – The bio with humor will always be remembered better than the one without. And it’s more likely to be followed.
  4. Have a personality – We want to know about you but not by writing down as many words, but by choosing the right ones
  5. Surprise us – Write something in there we don’t expect
  6. Have a great ava and cover photo – Use the pictures to show who you are just as well

Examples of great Twitter bio:

Bio Clay Shirky

Love it! The text is fantastic and the photo’s are amazing. Only thing is that I do not know what the photo’s have to do with Clay Shirky (he is an internet researcher) but that’s a whole other matter. You want to follow him just to find that out. (Note: I ‘borrowed’ this example from Kitty)


Bio Lee

Her profile text has a lot of humor, her ava is clear and the picture is funny again. It has a lot of personality. (Note: I ‘borrowed’ this example from Kitty as well)


Bio Arnt

The text from Arnt makes you think about eyes, vision, design immediately. And at the same time it has a fantastic message to the world. Arnt is a website designer. He writes about colors do to a person on a website. And this profile works well for him – Though I might recommend another picture in the background. It is a bit pixely.


My new bio

When you are writing a post like this you can’t stay behind. You have to change yours as well, right? So I worked on it a bit and got myself a new bio:

Bio Digitalie

What do you think? I could use a better background picture so suggestions can be posted in the comments below.


Your bio

Is your Twitter bio full of words that don’t say all that much or do you have a funny bio? Let me know below!

By the way, this post only exists because of Kitty. And as she promised to help her commenters get new bio’s I will do the same. Post your current bio below and I will give a suggestion how to improve it.