Today’s blogpost isn’t as much a blogpost as it is a tip.

I have been watching Jeff Walker’s videos about launching your product. And I love it!

He is explaining very clearly how you can launch a product or service, whether you have been in business for a long time or are just starting out, or even if you haven’t started yet.

I am going to do a seed launch in 2 weeks, of a product I have been putting off. I have such a strong tendency to want this product to be perfect that it is not getting finished. It has been almost finished for months now. No more!

After watching Jeff’s videos I will now let you help me make this the best product it can be, by telling all I know in calls so you can ask questions. No more putting off, but doing. (More on that next week!)

Want to see those videos for yourself? How to Launch Your Product (or Business) With Maximum Impact and Sales