In last week’s post I wrote about asking 3 questions before blogging: what, for whom and when. But those questions are not just for blogging. They are the basis for your whole marketing strategy.

That is why I want to talk a bit more about your topic with you. And how that topic can resonate with people.

What is it you have to tell?

Let’s say your topic is ‘Finances’. All this stuff to do with money.

That doesn’t mean that is what you have to tell.

What you have to tell is how you can stay out of debts by keeping your administration a certain way.

Or, how people can be millionaire by the time they are 50, if they follow some principles.

What you have to tell is more then just the topic. It’s what part of the topic is interesting for the reader/client/buyer and what has your passion.

Now how do you tell it?

Last week I read ‘Make to stick’ by Dan & Chip Heath where they talk about 6 principles of making your message stick. They call it SUCCES: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional, Stories.

I won’t go into all of them for now, but the most important for them is Simple. It’s all about keeping your message easy and simple and understandable for everyone.

Getting to the core of your message; what is it you really want to tell?

You can say you want to help people do their administration, see where their debts are, help them understand how to pay them off, get them to print out a payment plan.

If you say so much at the same time. People will get confused. Now what is it you really have to say?

If you say ‘Follow these rules and be out of debts in months!’ people will understand. Hey, that guy can help me get my financial life in order. How neat!


Now think it through. What is it YOU have to tell? Let me know below.