“Hi! I’m Natalie, I’ll help you with your social media for x euros per hour”.

Believe it or not, but this is NOT the first sentence out of my mouth every time I meet someone.

And I do not believe it is yours either.

You would sound like someone on the market, trying to sell his flowers or fruit. You would sound like the person in the first few images in The Oatmeals’ Facebook likes post.

No, you care about the fact that you just met someone new. You care about making a good first impression, showing your expertise by giving them some advice for free, answering questions, letting them know you can help with x if they need that.

Sales, sales, sales

So why do a lot of companies feel like everything online has to lead directly to sales?

They want to know the ROI (return on investment) of their efforts online, but the only thing they are measuring is the amount of sales they get from their website.

Where did those other elements go that we use when we need a potential customer?

  • Making a good impression
  • Showing expertise by giving free advice
  •  Answering questions

Base your efforts around your customer

Your customer does not always decide immediately to buy something when they are on your website.

They might be doing research (“Which dishwasher shall I buy?”) and may not be ready yet to buy. They might have questions about your product specifically or the product category in general (“What does term x mean?”)

If you only see sales as a valuable reason for being online you are missing out so much potential.

So what could you be doing online?

Next to showing your amazing product you could also:

  • Make a free report showing people what items are important when deciding which dishwasher to buy (the measurements, temperature, possible programs, etc)
  • Answer questions on social media about the topic(s) you know a lot about (whether they are directly at you or just asked on a general forum)
  • Show the values of your company
  • Post pictures or videos that go along with the feeling the company wants to give to the customer
  • Show what is happening inside the company
  • Post stuff from others too, to let your customer see it’s not all about you and you alone