Have we talked ‘perfect client’ lately?

I think it has been a while. And whether you feel like you’ve already done the work or you’ve never really thought about the ideal client, it is time to dive in deep.

“But Natalie, why do I need to do it again when I’ve already done it?”

Chances are (very high) that you haven’t actually really looked into your ideal client for 6 months or more. Don’t worry, that is quite normal. But in that time you changed, which means your business changed and that means what you consider your ideal client has changed. Not to mention that your ideal client herself might have changed too, just because of the times we live in and because she grew as a person.

So… Do you know your ideal client in and out?

Let’s review your former clients first

Now this might seem like a sideway, but even if it is, it is a really really good one!

Start by writing down past clients. Make a list of the best 5 clients you’ve had. More than 5 is good too, but be sure they are favorites!

Got them?

(If you don’t because you do not have many clients yet, or you werent too happy with them, don’t worry: write down 5 people who would be your ideal client that you know. Family, friends, coworkers, .. anyone you’d be thrilled to work with)

Your ideal client basics

Ok, so let’s look at that list of favorite former clients and use that to get the basics down.

You might already have an idea of the basics but it might show you some extra stuff you weren’t aware of just yet.

You want to know:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Lifestyle (whether that is clothes or food, whatever you know that your ideal client loves)
  • How was their youth?

Wait, what? That last one seemed random… No, the last one is where the real magic happens. It might not be about their youth but it is good to find specific things that your clients share that you can use. It will give you an edge over your competitors.

So have a think about specific questions you want answered…

Are you in touch with your perfect client?

Now when you’ve done that you might think you are there but nothing is further from the truth. We are now going to dive deep into the world of your ideal client and think about his daily surroundings.

  • What does he think/feel about regarding the problem you can help solve?
  • What does she hear from others (family, friends, media) about this?
  • What does he see around him regarding this problem and it’s solution?
  • What does she say and do about it?


Ok, let’s pretend I am a service provider for weddings, aka a wedding planner 🙂 We have done the exercises before and know the general stuff about my ideal client and we are ready to dive into the specifics. This are the answers I would come up with about my ideal clients:

My client will think & feel:

  • overwhelmed about what needs to happen
  • excited and scared at the same time
  • that husband to be isn’t really helping much

They will hear from others:

  • Did you book the location yet? You don’t stand a chance if you don’t do it at least 6 months in advance?
  • Oh gosh, I remember my wedding when … <add random thing that went wrong that you don’t want a bride to be to know about because it will stress her out>

The bride will see:

  • So many ideas on Pinterest that she doesn’t know where to start
  • The most perfect pictures
  • Long lists of what needs to happen before the wedding
  • ….

The couple will say / do:

  • I don’t know where to start!
  • I am so scared I am forgetting something important
  • There is so much to do and so little time
  • I want it to be unique but I can’t figure out how
  • ….

See what I mean? Knowing these will help you to really get under the skin of your ideal client and let her know that yes, you do know what she’s facing and YES, you can help!

But that is not enough: you need even more

Wait, what are you saying? After all this, it’s still not enough?

Yea, you’ve done a lot of work and yes, you are a big step into the right direction, but no, you are not done.

If you know all of the answers to the questions above, it’s time to find the words to match it. You need to find the right words to match both the problem and the feelings they have around that, aswell as the words for the feelings and effects they will get from the awesome results you will bring them.

What will trigger your perfect client?

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