“Following everything on Twitter is going to cost me hours!” “How will I find the time to be on all those social media channels?”

Problems I hear a lot, whether they are directed at me or someone else.

I want to help people find more peace online. To know what online marketing is, to know what will work for them and to know how to execute it.

What better way to start finding peace than to know the amount of time you will need to spend on social media for your business?

That is why last Friday I published my free e-book ‘How To Use Social Media Effectively – in 30 minutes (or less!)’. It is available for everyone that wants it. At no cost at all!

How To Use Social Media Effectively - in 30 minutes (or less!) stack

In the 12-page e-book I define the biggest pitfalls on social media, how to avoid them and the time you need per channel. And believe me, that isn’t all that much!

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