“Sure, love the posts about blogging. But how do I start??”

If that is you, don’t worry.

This week is all about setting up your own blog with WordPress!

I will try to make it as easy possible. I will tell you how to keep it simple and when to ask for help. Just follow my instructions.

Part 3 – Making it yours

If you have a WordPress installation with a theme you are not there yet. The last part is the most difficult, but also the most fun one. It requires your creativity and demands your full attention: You need to make it yours.

So how do you that?

Well, since it’s all about your creativity there isn’t a strict list for it, but there are things that you need to think about:

  • Homepage
    Do you want a static homepage or your last blogs to show up? Under Settings – Reading you can set which one you want.
  • Pages
    Which static pages do you want to have? Think about ‘About me’, ‘Contact’, ‘Product x’ – You need to write nice texts for each and every one of those
  • Menu
    Make a menu with your static pages and maybe add a ‘Blog’ part. You can also make a submenu.
  • Blog
    Do you want a blog? If so, write some blogs and think about what you are gonna do for the future. Make a blog plan and set up a blog calendar.
  • Newsletter
    If you have a newsletter, where can people sign up?
  • Sidebar
    Do you have a sidebar? What goes in there? Signup for your newsletter? Your latest blogs? A banner for a product of yours, or someone else’s?
  • Social media
    Do you want people to follow you on social media? Where do you place the social buttons? Which ones?
  • Settings
    Go through the whole menu of ‘Settings’ and think about what the tagline for your site is, how the date is displayed, who can comment on your posts and how.
  • Widgets
    Widgets are great helpers for things that take a lot of time to do yourself. What kind of help do you want? There are great plugins out there to help against spam, or help with SEO. Plugins for Google Analytics or automatic backups of your website.

I am very interested to see the end result. What does your website look like? Was this triptych any help?