“Sure, love the posts about blogging. But how do I start??”

If that is you, don’t worry.

This week is all about setting up your own blog with WordPress!

I will try to make it as easy possible. I will tell you how to keep it simple and when to ask for help. Just follow my instructions.

Part 1 – Setting up and installing

Step 1: Select a domain name

While you can set up a blog on WordPress.com I would suggest you pay a few euro’s (or pounds or dollars) and get your own domain with WordPress.

First of all a website looks a lot more professional when it has a real URL instead of www.wordpress.com/mynamehere and, more importantly, you get more options with the separate WordPress software package.

So, step 1 is to select a domain name.

Choose wisely: don’t make the name too hard to remember or type. Depending on what you want from the blog I would either go with your company name or with something that says what you are gonna offer, like socialmediastrategy.com (A url that seems to be taken, but has some problems 🙂 )

Take your time deciding, you would rather not change your url after the visitors have started finding you. However, since a lot of names are already taken, it can be good to check whether your idea already exists.

Step 2: Get a host

You need a place to put WordPress, all your documents, etc. A host gives you the space to do that and your URL will point towards that space at the host.

Most of the time you can buy a hosting space and buy the url at the same time.

Prices can differ immensely. I have seen hosting for 10 euro’s a year up to a few hundred per month. You don’t need a very expensive host. Check out a few before you buy or ask friends/other companies who they use.

A few hosts have a ‘one-click install’ for WordPress these days. That is really nice to have and if you can find a nice host that has that I would highly recommend it!

Step 3: Install WordPress

Installing WordPress can be really easy, or quite a hassle.

If you decided to go with a host that has one-click install then this step is really easy: just click 😉 – I really hope you chose this option.

If not, go to WordPress.org to get the installation files. Upload them to your host via FTP. Then follow instructions of your host how to get WordPress installed. Here’s some help from WordPress on how to install. But this can be tricky and you might need someone with some technical knowledge for this.

Next up: Part 2 – Getting a theme

Any questions so far? Let me know in the comments below.