Newsletters are a really great way to reach out to your (potential) customers and keep them up to date with what is happening in your company. You can also use newsletters to learn them new things and show your expertise. This is what I do, my newsletter is packed with usefull information for the entrepreneur that wants marketing simplified. (Want my newsletter too? Sign up now!)

Signing up to Mailchimp is really easy.

You only need an email address, a username and a password.

No creditcard, no hidden costs. If you don’t mind the mailchimp logo and have less than 12000 emails a month or 2000 subscribers, you do not have to pay.

After sign up there are some details to fill, but after that it is time to start making your first mailing list!

Making a mailing list

When you are set up you will need a mailing list.

  1. Click ‘List’ on the left side of the screen in the menu
  2. Click the button ‘Create list’
  3. Click create list again if you get asked to do so
    Mailchimp - Create List
  4. Fill in the list name – I already did so in this screenshot, it is called ‘Workshops’
  5. Fill in the from email. This is the email people see as sender
  6. Also fill in the name of the sender
  7. Then remind people how they got on your list.
  8. Your contact information will be filled in. You are required by law (of most countries, and definitely in the USA where MailChimp is from) to fill this in. During set up your address will be asked and so nothing to do here.
  9. But wait, there’s more. 😉
    Let Mailchimp know how many times you want to receive notifications of things happening on this list. As I people will be added to the list ‘Workshop’ by hand, it doesn’t really matter, but if people subscribe through a sign-up box like normally you need to think if you want emails one-by-one, daily or not at all.
    Mailchimp - Create List2
  10. After that you can click ‘Save’. Now your mailing list is done!

You now have an empty list you can fill by adding people manually or by getting a sign up box for your website. If you add people manually make sure you have their permission. You cannot send people newsletters that are unaware that you signed them up!

Good luck with your newsletter.