You are doing your ‘online thing’ but somehow it doesn’t work. It takes up a lot of your time and energy but still you aren’t seeing any results. And, understandably, that gets on your nerves and you are ready to just cut it out completely.

But on the other hand… you know it works for a lot of people… And you know you could reach a lot of people online.

So how do you make this work?


Recipe for online success:

  1. Know what you want to achieve
    First up you need to set your goals. Do you want to have bigger brand recognition? Better customer service experience? Or just want more clients?
  2. Get yourself a solid plan
    Based on those goals you need to decide your plan. A plan takes into account your audience, your message, your (potential) content and your personality. Since you do not have infinite hours it should also take into account the amount of time you can spend and pick only the most important and potential channels.
  3. Deciding when you are doing great
    Now that you know which channels you are going to use and what you want to achieve you can decide when your channels are doing alright. This is called KPI, key performance indicator. Is it the amount of fans? The growth? The interaction?
  4. Set up your channels and post regularly
    Well, this is easy to understand but a lot harder to achieve. You need to set up your channels right and then post regularly. While posting you need to keep your goals in mind and try to get your audience to act & react.
  5. Measure&Evaluate
    After days/weeks/months you check your KPI’s. Are you doing alright? Aren’t you anywhere close to what you want to achieve? What needs changing? What did work? After which you evaluate your current plan and change where ever necessary.
  6. Rinse&Repeat

Do you use this recipe for online success?