You are busy but you still need content. Whether it is for your blog or your social media channels, you can’t keep them bear. So how do you write as much content as possible in a quick moment?

Here are my 5 tips for a lot of content quickly:

  1. Flow
    Last week we already talked briefly about flow. If you write multiple messages at once it is easier to get into the flow. You will think of new subjects while you are writing so you can jump from one message to the next.
  2. Notes with ideas
    Your best ideas for content won’t come when you are sitting behind your desk to write. They will come when you are working on your services and products, while you are explaining something to your customer, while you answer a question through email. Write down those ideas in a notebook or any other place. Just make sure it is 1 place so you don’t have to go searching for your ideas when you want to work on them.
  3. Theme
    If you pick a theme per week or month it will be much easier to think up content around that theme. I picked ‘time’ for instance for this month and so all blogs are related to time, time savings or losing time. That way it is easier to write my blogposts, I already know the subject of the messages on social media and I can look for fun quotes about the theme.
  4. Brainstorm
    Use my BloggingTree to think up different subjects quickly. If done right it will fill up your notebook in no time at all.
  5. Reuse your content
    If you have used content in 1 way or another it doesn’t make you can’t use it again. Make a webinar out of your ebook, turn your blogs into a podcast, make that serie of social media posts into an infographic. The reuse of content isn’t only a great way to quickly produce content, it is also a way to make it reach more people.

What is your ultimate tip for creating a lot of content in a little amount of time?