You wrote this amazing article. Really, it is the best blogpost ever! Or well, not really, but it is a good piece and you do want to share it with the world. So how do you go about it?

There are many ways to share your blogpost on social media channels but I want to share a few of my favorite ways.

I won’t be going into the whole ‘where to post’ though that is a very – and I repeat for good measure – VERY important thing to have figured out before you reach this point. So for now I will just assume you know the right channels for your business, your clients and your personality. So now it is time to share your blogpost on those channels. Oh and I assume your blogpost is on a self-hosted WordPress, though some tips will work for other platforms too.

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There are a few ways to share your blogpost that make the most sense to me, and so those will be the tips I will give you today:

Directly to the channel

Firstly you can directly post to the channel you want to post on. Easy-peasy. You take the link and go to Facebook, paste link and add a nice text (don’t forget to remove the link once Facebook has it linked below your post). Or you pin the image from your blogpost with a pin-it tool and post it to your Pinterest account. Or you take the link, make a tweet and post it there… You get the picture. It works perfectly but has a few flaws.


  1. You have total control over the posting
  2. You can see what it will look like


  1. You need to post it yourself the moment you want it posted
  2. Which means you can only post when you’re online
  3. If you want to post multiple times you will need to go back to that channel multiple times to post it
  4. You have do each channel seperately taking up loads of time

Schedule per channel

Then there is scheduling per channel. Most channels give the option to make a post in advance. Like Facebook which allows you to schedule posts for your Facebook page after you have written them. Just click the arrow next to the ‘Publish’ and click ‘Schedule’. I have multiple posts scheduled in advance on Facebook. It gives me an easier time spacing them out. Sometimes you need a special tool for it, like Tweetdeck for Twitter (Tweetdeck is from Twitter), but it allows for the same kind of pre-posting. You write your tweet and then set up the time when it should be tweeted. You can see all posts that are scheduled so you can make sure you space them out nicely.


  1. You can make multiple posts at once and forget about it
  2. You have total control over the outcome of the post
  3. You don’t have to be online at the moment your post gets published


  1. You still need to go to each channel individually

Schedule all at once

And then there is the option of scheduling all your posts crossmedia all at once. There are multiple tools that can do it but I love CoSchedule. It is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to schedule all your posts at once, even allowing for the fact that your blogpost might be scheduled as well. It even reminds you to not only post for the immediate, upcoming days but also weeks, months after it is published.


  1. You get to make all the posts, no matter which channel, at once and forget about it. You can even forget when the blogpost is about to go live.
  2. You don’t have to be online when your posts gets published.
  3. You have loads of control over the post. You can make special texts for each post individually


  1. It costs money, but actually with the time it saves me it is totally worth it.
  2. Pinterest is not included

How do you share your fantastic blogposts with the world?