Confession time: I don’t have a website just for the fun it. – Eerie, right? You had no clue I have alternative motives … Wait, what are you saying? You did??

Of course you do!

And you have the same motives with your website. We want to help our clients, which means we want to sale! Yes, we are not in it for the sake of selling, but to be of services means we need to sell.

And that means that our websites need to be tweaked to help the right clients through our websites and into our arms so we get to help them!

But how do you use your website to convert potential clients into actual clients? That’s what we are going to talk about today! Below are some things to keep in mind when you are building a new website or reviewing your current one.

All the feels!

First up let’s talk about they reason they are coming to you. Someone that is visiting your website has a need, a problem, a pain that needs solving.

You can help with that!!

So you need to show it.

People will decide very quickly if they are on the right site for them, so make sure you show/tell them (preferably both) what you help with. Make it results based as we all want the answer, not the road that will lead us there.

Feeling needy

How many times the question your potential client comes to you with, isn’t the actual problem they are having?

Yup.. that is VERY common.

What you can do online, in the form of content, is to help the potential client uncover their real need. Prepare them to buy what you offer by showing them that the solution to their perceived problem, won’t really help them. I have explained this in a different way before, talking about the marketing stairs. The first package in that blog post might still be free content, depending on what they need and you can offer.

The marketing stairs that helps fix a first/perceived problem before moving on to the real problem(s)

You are still helping, not conning or cheating or bamboozling them (I love the word Bamboozle, which is unfortunately, because i hope it is never needed anymore!). It is just not the real underlying problem to their pain and need.

Where are they at?

There are 3 kinds of visitors to your page.

  1. The one that is ready to buy and get with the program – you want them to buy or contact you to sign that contract
  2. The one that is interested and wants to know more – you want them on your list
  3. Those that are wrong for you and you for them – they can leave

I am very happy to have the 3rd camp leave. I don’t have any regrets over that as long as I know they are really not right for me and I’m not right for them. Don’t feel bad for people leaving. It is actually sign that your website is selecting people instead of leaving everyone feel like ‘ehm.. maybe, I don’t know…’. You want to get a respons saying ‘YES!!’ but that will also trigger the ‘NO’ respons in others and you need and should be fine with that.

Which leaves us with the other 2 camps.

Make sure you have information for both of them easily and readily avaiable. They need different things but they both need to be able to easily acces what they do need and get to their decision: either signing up to your newsletter (or what ever you want them to do to learn more about you and your services) or getting them to buy.

Inquiry phase

If they are in the inquiry phase make sure you make it easy for them to sign up for your newsletter. Yes, that is still allowed post-GDPR because you are asking to sign up to your newsletter, not tricking them into it – I will talk more about this later – just make sure they can sign up with ease. Also let them know what they will get in return for giving you their email. What awesomeness awaits them in your newsletters?

Have a great about page that shows who you are. Show them some of your personality and why you can help them get the result they want. A great about you page actually isn’t all about you but about you and them together!

Show your expertise. Whether it is a blog, your Instagram page, YouTube videos… show them you actually know what you are talking about by giving them information and tricks & tips.

Buy phase

Give the potential buyer a chance to learn more about the service(s) they are interested in. Make sure you have enough information about these services. You can have special pages about it, but how about a short video that explains the process and the result so they have a lot better understanding of what they are getting into?

Make it easy to buy! Whether you need them to fill in a form before you can actually send them a quote or they can hit the ‘buy’ button right then and there. Make it as easy on them as you can by not making them go through unnecessary or cumbersome hoops!

Last but not least

This is my last tip about making your website convert but it could have also been the first: make sure the website runs well! You do NOT want a website that loads too slow. Your potential client will be gone before it actually has a chance to think you are amazing and someone they want to work with!