Epic content.

Your content going viral, being retweeted a LOT, shared all over the internet.

That is something we all want.

Ellen DeGeneres managed to do so at the Oscars.

The Oscar goes to…. Ellen DeGeneres

As the host of the Oscars 2014 she decided to make a selfie with as many actors as possible.

Love how she just keeps asking people to join, making it one big sea of actors.

The end result is indeed epic:

The Oscar goes to…. the selfie

Selfie is a big hype right now. It means making a picture of yourself.

You know, something you might have done as a teenager, when there are just two of you and you wanted to both be on a picture?

Just like this:

But instead of the old-sch0ol photocamera it is now a mobile.

And everyone is making selfies. Celebrities, teenagers, parents…

So how can something like that be epic content? You might wonder. And get more retweets than any tweet before?

The Oscar goes to… going viral

Going viral is something that has eluded many.

There aren’t some golden rules for getting something to go viral.

No list that says ‘follow this and your content will definitely go viral’! (If anyone ever tells you so, they are lying!)

But there are some things that will definitely help:

  • Having a great story
    What better story than being able to tell everyone you made a selfie with eleven fantastic actors?
  • Using a big event
    If possible get the content out at a big event. Or even better, make it at a big event. I think the Oscars count, don’t you? 😉
  • Surprise people
    Doing something that no one expects is a biggie for going viral. So many actors in a picture by Ellen, that is a definite first.
    So was Beyoncé getting in on a girls’ selfie:
    Beyonce photobombing a fanBeyonce with Valentina, 15, from Melbourne, at Rod Laver Arena
  • Trigger emotions
    People will share something much easier if it triggers an emotion in them. For this particular selfie the emotion was mostly positive, funny I expect.
  • Get talked about
    This might seem redundant but if you are being talked about, you get bigger and bigger. Up till the point where you defeat the most retweeted of all times, till last night in the hands of Obama. And getting the most retweets will get you even more attention and even more retweets… Which then crashes Twitter and people talk about that… If the ball really starts rolling there is no telling where it will stop.

Have you found some more tips to help items go viral? Share them below in the comments!