Blog plan, blog calendar and editorial calendar – you have probably seen all three items used when talking about blogging.

And you get confused.

“What’s the difference?” “What do I need first?” “Why should I have any of these?”

To help you I will be talking about the difference, why you should have them and how to make them:

In this last part we will talk how to make an editorial calendar.

The same basics as the blog calendar

Start with the same steps as a blog calendar:

  • Brainstorm ideas for your posts, no matter if that’s a blog, video, podcast, etc
  • Set specific categories per week/month/quarter
  • Make a table with ‘Date’, ‘Category’, ‘Temporary Title’ and ‘Comments’. But now add ‘Channel’ between ‘Category’ and ‘Temporary Title’

Fill it in

While there are 2 ways to fill in a blog calendar I would strongly suggest using the ‘Titles first’ system with an editorial calendar. 

Titles first

  • Post a lot of the titles you have in your brainstorm list in the table
  • Write each category before it
  • Decide whether it should be a video, a blog post, an infographic, etc. Or maybe the information should be in your newsletter?
  • Now sort on category.
  • Think which category is when, then decide which date each post will be posted. Make sure you mix up the channels well.
  • Write ‘Not written’ behind each post. You can change it to ‘Written’ if it’s done.


As an example I have posted my editorial calendar for you to see. It’s just an example and not completely the real deal.

How to use the editorial calendar

So now you have the basics of an editorial calendar. But that doesn’t mean you can rest easy now.

You need to check your calendar regularly to see which posts need to be made. You also need to think of new titles and schedule those.

Have you made an editorial calendar after this post? Let me know in the comments.