A jump or anchor link is a way to jump to a lower part of the page without scrolling. It can be used for services, your about page or any other page that is longer and has multiple sections.

In this video, I show you how to make an anchor link.

The coding is really simple:

<a id=” “></a>

In between the ” ” you type in something that makes sense to you to call your anchor. The only rule is that it can’t start with a number.

And when you add the link you use #linkname. That is all # followed by the name of your anchor. Or if you want to jump to another page use the URL of the page followed by /#linkname like so:


Extra tip!

What I did not say in the video but is a really nice thing is that instead of using the <a you can also add the id=”” to a header. So you can just put <h2 id=”othercandy”>Other Candy</h2> instead of adding the separate link before it. But both will work absolutely fine.

Good luck adding jump links to your website and if you have any questions, just shoot me a message!

How to make an anchor link in your website