Great content for your business exists of so many different things. Showing your expertise is, of course, very important, but you also want to show a little bit more of who you are and what your business stands for. There are many ways to do it but stories are one of them.

Did you know your Why, How, What makes an excellent story?

Why, How, What

Have you heard of Why How What of Simon Sinek?

You might have but you might not. That’s ok. The whole story behind it is that most companies start with what they do and then work their way up to How and Why, but that the strong companies start with Why.

You can watch his talk here:

Your Why

So you will need to think about your why. I’m not going into details on how to do that in this blog but it really pays of to know why you do what you do.

  • You will be able to convey what you do with more ease because it came from the why, not the other way around.
  • You will be able to create great messages on who you are as a business
  • It’s easier to expand because it comes from the same place of ‘why’ you do what you do

Making a story out of your Why

So what if you do know your why? How do you use that to your advantage in messages?

Well, tell them your why? What is it that makes you tick? People love it if you can combine this with stories from your past, whether that is the past of the business or yourself.

So maybe your ‘Why’ is that you want to show the people how much beauty our world holds. And so you photograph details of plants and organisms to show how pretty they actually are. A great story around your why might be that you saw the beauty at an early age because you were locked in a room for a while in quaraintain, not being able to go outside. Or it might be that you actually almost lived outside and were so in tune with nature. Or…


What ever got you to really believe that more people should know about the beauty our world holds, tell that story.

And that probably isn’t just 1 story. It might be loads.

You might also tell about what you do in your personal life because of that why. Maybe you donate time to volunteer work that cleans up parks. Maybe you take your kids out to the mountains every weekend…

What story will you be telling the world? Come share it in my Simplify Your Marketing Facebook group.