Twitter has changed its look.

It used to be like this:

Old look Twitter

But now it is more like a simple Facebook design:

New look Twitter

It consists of a big cover picture, your profile on the left side, with followers and pictures, one big tweet that you can pin (so it doesn’t have to be the newest tweet you see first) in the middle, with more tweets below and on the right side you have follow suggestions and trends.

For now, you can decide to change to the new look but in the end we will all have to.

So today I’m going to help you set up the new look with this

‘How to set up New Twitter’ guide

Step 1: Check out the new look

Twitter gives you the opportunity to let you see how your new Twitter would look like without changing to it permanently.

When you log in to your twitter account and go to your own profile you see this shiny blue bar almost on the top of your screen:

Step1 Twitter

By clicking on ‘Take a look’ you get to see your profile in the new look.

Do it now!

Step 2: Learn the new features

As soon as you click it you see your new profile. But you also get a short tour that is going to show you the new and improved features:


  • It is now easier to get a good profile picture: It automatically resizes to the right measurements. Recommended size: 400×400 pixels
  • A big beautiful header on the top of the screen. Recommended size: 1500×500 pixels
  • You can pin one tweet to the top of the tweets.

While they don’t say it you can also decide on a themecolor and the menu, links and linings will be done in that color.

Step 3: Editing

So now check out your new look. Does it look ok?

Even if you already had the old version of the header and a great profile picture it still is a good idea to edit before publishing.

Check whether these things are the way you want them:

Profile Picture

Does it look good? Is it not too pixelated? Is it recent?

If there is anything wrong with it, change it!

Your bio

Check out your information underneath your profile picture. Does it sound good? Is it still correct? If not, change it!

  • Click on ‘Edit profile’ on the right
    Twitter Edit
  • Change the information on the left
  • Click ‘Save changes’

Header picture

You have a big new header picture on the top of your screen. The old version was a lot smaller and therefore there is the possiblity that your current picture does not look right as this big header. Change if necessary!

A pinned tweet

The newest features is that you can pin one tweet to the top of your tweets. It will be the first tweet people will see no matter what you have last written. It is probably a good idea to pin a tweet that shows who you are and/or what you do.

  • Find tweet
  • Mouse over tweet
  • Click on the three little dots underneath the tweet
    Pinning Tweet
  • Click on ‘Pin to your profile page’
  • That’s it

Theme color

Check if you like your theme color. If not, change it:

  • Click ‘Edit profile’
  • Click on ‘Theme color’ on the left side
  • Choose your color or typ in a hex (#000000)
  • Click ‘Save changes’

Like what you see?

If you have checked it all and you like what you see, you’re done!

Time to click ‘Turn it on!’

Twitter Turn It On

Now your new look is published and the whole world is able to see it.


I love to see what you made of your new profile. Send me a link and I’ll check it out and follow you.