I do not understand how you can follow so many people! I only follow <insert number here> but already I can’t keep up with the messages!

Lately I hear that comment more and more.

People that want to follow more people, but can’t keep up with all the message produced.

So I want to help you with some tips to lighten the ‘load’.

Tips to follow more people:

Unfollow people:

We will start our quest to follow more people by tips on how to unfollow people. That might sound weird but it actually makes perfect sense: if you have loads of people that fill your timeline that are just ‘useless’ to you, then that doesn’t leave room for new, interesting people! Start by weeding out the ‘bad’ ones:

  • Is everyone you currently follow really that interesting?
    Some people have trouble unfollowing people that really aren’t all that interesting. Whether someone only talks about their dog, what they eat or is too pushy selling their products/services. If you do not enjoy (part of) their tweets, remove them from your list.
  • Are all curteousy follows actually following you?
    We have all been there. Someone starts following you and because it is ‘nice to do’ you return the favor and follow them. But sometimes people unfollow you after you follow them, without you noticing. With JustUnfollow you can see who is not following you and decide if you still want to follow them. You might not want to unfollow everyone that isn’t following you, but do check if there is actually a reason for you following them.

Sort people:

So now, before you add new people, it is time to sort them into categories:

  • Make a list with your current customers (and make one for potential clients too)
    Having a list with your customers makes it easier to see what they are up too. You can do the same with potential clients. Don’t forget to make the lists private.
  • Make lists for other interesting sets of people too.
    Maybe a business network organisation that you are connected to, or an area loads of your ‘following’ belong to. Make sure it makes sense to you, it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

Information overload:

Now it is time to learn that you do not need to read every message.

  • Get Tweetdeck and add your lists.
    Lists that are more important go before the complete timeline. This way, if you are short on time, you can just read those lists that are most important.
  • Scroll the rest a bit when you have time.
    If you read the important list, you do not have to read the whole timeline when you do not have time. Or even when you do… There is no shame in missing one tweet, or two, or even a hundred. Check when you have time but do not try to read back. I once knew a client who, after a three week holiday, started reading all tweets from those three weeks he missed. NEVER do that!

Follow people:

Now you got this all in order, you can start to follow more people. Do not forget to add them to a list if they are very important to you. This way you do not have to worry you missed something.


Let me below: does this help you get a grip on Twitter? Is there anything else you want to know?