GDPR has come and not gone.

Whether you are an European entrepreneur or an entrepreneur that deals with Europeans (even if only on your mailing list) it is time for us to figure out a way to do marketing funnels.

Different ways to get new subscribers to your list

We all want new subscribers on our mailing list, because those are people we can email and reach. I always say that a list is worth so much more than followers on Facebook, Instagram, etcetera, because they are yours no matter what (well if you got them in a good, legal way).

In this video that I posted last week I talk about 4 ways you can get new subscribers on your list post-GDPR.

So what happens when you get those subscribers on to your list?

Marketing funnel

If you have a strategy behind your email marketing you will probably have funnels. That might sound intimidating but all that it really entails is a sequence of follow-up emails that lead your (potential) client somewhere.

In the case of a new subscriber funnel it might be getting them to sign up for a free discovery call or purchasing a cheap paid product.

Or at least, that is how it was done before.

But with GDPR you can’t by default start sending them emails about your products without them officially opting in for marketing emails.

So you can either get them to optin for that or (actually this is kind of an and/or) you can send them value-based emails in the funnel.

New subscriber email sequence

Value-based emails are great because you give them a lot of interesting information about the topic they are interested in, which shows you as an expert and teaches the new subscriber something.

There is of course not hard/fast rule about these sequences but this is one I would recommend after they download a freebie for a certain topic.

Email 1) Here is the download for the freebie – talk about the freebie
Email 2) What did you think of the freebie? – ask them if they used it and what they thought. make them wanting to email you back
Email 3) Extra tip 1 – Give an extra tip that is closely related to the freebie but wasn’t in the freebie
Email 4) About you – Give some background in who you are. Don’t make it a sales pitch, tell them why you like the freebie topic and how you know so much about it
Email 5) Extra tip 2 – Give an extra tip that is closely related to the freebie but wasn’t in the freebie, maybe link to a blog post or video you did.
Email 6) If you like this, you might also be interested in – If you want you can link to other freebies you have that they might be interested in
Email 7) I would love to give you more tips – This is where you ask them if they want to receive more tips and go on your newsletter. Make sure you explain they will also get marketing emails.

This would be a good way to do an email sequence after a freebie but it certainly isn’t the only way. I would love to hear what you are doing / going to do now that GDPR hit. Email me at and let me know!