I was getting loads of it.

Spam comments on my website that then turned into emails about the spam comments into my mailbox. Double the spam.

Receiving 200+ spammessages per day gets annoying, especially if you don’t clean them out for a few days and then you have over 750! It was starting to drive me nuts.

Not only that, it costs loads of time! They weren’t published automatically (luckily), so I had to sort through all that spam every day to filter out the few real comments I was getting. And because I was getting some real comments, I couldn’t just throw everything out.

So I decided enough was enough. I really needed a real spamfilter.

Spamfilter Akismet

I bought the well-known tool Akismet. The Business version of course, as I am a business owner and therefore aren’t allowed to use the free version (and neither are you). I decided that if this tool would stop me having to take down 200 comments a day, taking about 30 minutes of my time, then the $59 would totally be worth it.

And yes, Akismet did exactly what I wanted it to do. In the first 24 hours it already threw over 200 spammessages away.

And not to worry, your real readers leaving a comment will have no problem. You will receive their comments as usual!

How to install Akismet

Installing Akismet is really easy. If you haven’t deleted it, Akismet is already in your plugin list. It isn’t activated yet though.

If you have deleted it, just go to ‘Plugins’, ‘Add new’ and look for Akismet. Then install. It isn’t activated yet.

To activate:

  • Go to
  • Choose the right plan for you
  • Login with your existing account or make one
  • Finish your order
  • You know get a number that is your Akismet key. Fill this number in the Akismet plugin and you are done.

Easy as pie!

PS. There is one downside to starting with Akismet if you are already used to the spam: I kept expecting to see a message in my emailbox saying I had a spam comment or expecting to 75 next to the comment icon after logging in. But no, Akismet deleted everything so I wouldn’t have to worry anymore. That does take some getting used to, but in a good way 🙂 I would recommend it to you all.


Do you use a spamfilter? Why (not)? Let me know in the comments below.