Many clients, before they start working with me, will be writing a blog when it needs to be published or maybe the day before. They think of social media posts on the spot, make the images, write the text, and click publish.

However, what you probably already know is that this isn’t an efficient use of your time. Coming up with a post right then and there gives you a multitude of problems:

  • Your topic might not be the best or most relevant thing for your business; it’s just the topic you can think of right now
  • Your mind needs to go into brainstorm mode (think of the topic), writing mode, and creative mode (images) all at once while those processes all need different parts of our brains
  • You take more time because you are doing one post today and one tomorrow
  • You are more likely to make mistakes in your post

So not coming up with content on the spot, but thinking ahead is a huge lifesaver in your business. You could just write a post a day ahead of schedule, but then you would still have most of these problems.

The best way to tackle it is to make more content all at once. This is called ‘bulk creation’ and is fantastic for content creation.

Here is my process that I use for content creation for a month:

My method for bulk content creation

Step 1: The main category & big topics

First of all, I come up with my main category. I do this by picking out the main thing I want to focus my selling on for the month. All my products/services fit in the same four themes that I also use in my content marketing: marketing, content, social media, website.

Once I know what I want to sell I can pick the category that I am focusing on for the month. By deciding that it becomes a lot easier to come up with the big topics.

The big topics all have to do with the primary category. For instance, when talking about websites, it could be about the website experience, SEO for your website, membership websites, the safety of your website. I will pick between 4 and 6 big topics. I will use those for my blogs and newsletters. This means that after I have my big items, I decide the working titles of all my newsletters and blogs for the month.

Step 2: Write those blogs and newsletters

This used to be different, but I noticed that by writing those blogs and newsletters, I made the next steps easier on myself. I would recommend making all ‘big pieces’ in your content strategy. If you make longer videos I would recommend making those too.

You don’t need to do this. If you don’t, I recommend writing out at least some bullet points on each of the items, so you can use that for the next steps.

Step 3: Come up with content

Now it is time to come up with all social media content. You are not making it yet, just come up with each element that you will need.

I use the blog posts to come up with my informative content. I can pick out a part of a blog, or I can pick something small within that blog and work it out further.

I can find quotes in my blogs for inspiring content as well as think of case studies that fit the topics for extra inspiring content

I already know what I am focussing my sales on so I can come up with posts that will be sales content for my social media.

I can fill in how much material I will need for the other types of content and come up with that content. Sometimes I will leave the ‘Behind the Scenes’ open since they are more spontaneous.

Want to read more about the types of content? Check this blog post out.

Step 4: Plan it in

I will now plan all of my content. When it needs to be posted, on which channel, etcetera. I use my content calendar for that.

Read more about my content calendar here.

Step 5: Create any content not yet made

During step 3, I just came up with the content I didn’t make it yet. However, now that I know what I need to make, I can write all of them in a row, then create all the images in a row, shoot any videos. I don’t even need to do all of that on the same day. I could do 2 hours of writing on one day and the creation of the images on another.

That’s how bulk creation helps many of my clients and me. If you start it, it will feel bizarre. It does take some time getting used to. However, once you are doing it for a few months, I swear: you will not want to go back!

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