I build all my websites with WordPress and Divi, and I love it! Today I decided to show you the basics of Divi* so that, if you wanted to build your own website, you have a place to start from.

This video is about 75 minutes long and shows the basics of how Divi works, what to look for and has some great tips on how to get started on building your site.

If you want to build your website with Divi*, get good hosting, install WordPress on there and then follow along with my video!

And I would love to know; What will you build? What else would you like to learn about websites and website building? Let me know on my Facebook page, underneath this video on YouTube or by sending me an email.

*In this blog and video I talk about Divi, the website builder from Elegant Themes. I have an affiliate link for Divi that you can use. Please know, that you never pay extra when it comes to affiliate links. Part of the money you pay goes to me for letting you know about Divi, instead of Elegant Themes. I only share products that I use(d) and that I love!

How to Build a Website with WordPress and Divi