We all know the moment. It can be on paper or on the computer, for a report at work, a paper at college, or a book you’re writing….

You have no clue what to write about!

Your mind is blank, no ideas are coming.

That’s bad! Especially if you have a blog and you have a schedule you post to. You need to get something out there!

It will happen at some point, but there are a few ways to make sure that it won’t be so bad, because you have a system in place to fix it.

3 ways to make sure you have a clue what to post

#1) Have a few posts in reserve

By writing some extra blogs for when you are inspired you have some in reserve for when you have a writers block.

#2) Have a blog calendar

Knowing what you will be posting, when, about what topic will help. You will probably have some written in advance, not just as reserves, but so that you are writing for next week or two weeks. That gives you less pressure to perform this minute. – And less pressure is always key when you need to write!

Of course you can decide to post your newly written post tomorrow and move the one planned for tomorrow to another day, but it gives you a lot less to worry about if you want to read the newly written post over again tomorrow. There is a post already in place for tomorrow, so it can be posted whenever you feel ready!

#3) Having a lot of blog titles lined up

A big trick in the blogging world is to think up a LOT of topics, so that you can look through the list and get your mind into ‘the zone’. If none of them pops just pick one and start writing. Maybe the topic might change while writing but at least you’ll have a point to start from.

How-to think up a lot of topics

  • Think of your general subject of your blog
  • What are specific topics that go with it? So for a blog around finance, think about administration, salary, making ends meet, etc Make sure you have at least 7 of these topics, but more is better!
  • Write down 5 possible blog titles per topic

This will give you a list of at least 35 possible blogs you can write about! That will get you going for a while.


So make sure that you have a system in place so blackouts aren’t that bad. If that doesn’t work, just write about how to blog when you have no clue what to post 😉


Do you have a list of possible blogs and a blog calendar?