You are in a bad mood. You want to yell, rampage, scream, cry and yell some more. Of course this can happen to anyone but you can’t show your customers how you feel. Venting your bad mood is bad for your image and for your business. Your online communication has to stay positive and fun.

So how do you make sure your online communication doesn’t suffer from your bad mood?


Or rainbows, 4×4 off road cars, or whatever you can find online that makes you feel happy and cheerful. There is a lot to be found online that can suck up too much time because it’s so funny to watch. Normally I would definitely recommend staying away so your productiveness won’t suffer, but today is the perfect day to indulge. Watch as many as you need to feel more positive and relaxed.

Try this one (especially 3:48):


I don’t know a soul that can stay mad with this on repeat. Or at least get less mad 😉

Take time off

If you have that possibility take some time to cool down. Go walk in a forest, read a book or knit something. Anything that will clear your mind and calm your nerves.


Fake it till you make it

If you still do not feel happy and funny you could try to make it at least look like you are.


  • Don’t be negative about anything in posts (at least not when in a mood like this, you will not know the difference between constructive critism and just being mean)
  • Use positive smilies
  • Find something nice to say about something you are not mad about, just ignoring the thing that did make you mad
  • Use active, positive words (make, create, love)

Don’t speak

Last but not least: If the tips above don’t work just forget communication today and try again tomorrow. Better to not post and react than to post something mean that will cost you your reputation!