Ever made a painting by using the famous ‘By Numbers’ products? The different numbers are code for different colours which tells you what paint colour goes where.

I used to do this as a kid. Sometimes even with my siblings. If we did the same painting, they would never come out the same way. We both gave our own spin on it.

That’s because, though there are rules within the painting, there are many things you get to do decide on and give it your own flare. There are different techniques you can use; oil painting, pastel, ink, which means there are various ways to make it beautiful. You have to paint well, be creative, make it pretty – within the rules of the painting.

Marketing affects business in the same way!

Business rules and marketing creativity

You might be thinking rules means laws and terms and conditions. Like Facebook having their terms on how you can and cannot use Facebook for business or your countries laws on what you can and cannot promise.

But I am talking about the ‘rules’ as a business. The elements that each business strategy needs; Deciding on a target audience and the products and services, picking your channels, coming up with the goals. There are many businesses that, if you look at these elements, will look very much alike; Like a set of the same paint by numbers canvasses.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Because it’s the techniques, the way you paint, that makes for the difference in how your brand comes across. That is your marketing, and it is what sets you apart from those other businesses. You get to be creative. There are a million ways to make your painting, I mean your business, come alive.

Marketing is never the same

That is why no marketing is ever the same, and your marketing will shift if one of the underlying elements shifts. You are painting a different painting, and you need to pick your way to do so. It’s about what fits with you then.

Elements that use you to get creative, fun, engaging marketing are:

  • The story
  • The words used
  • The branding
  • The imagery
  • The tone

Now let’s be honest, there are businesses out there that have very very similar marketing. If only because new entrepreneurs sometimes try to copy someone else’s marketing. This doesn’t work though. Because the marketing will not fit you like the painting will not suit you. If I would copy someone’s art and it would turn out the same way, it still would look like a copy. And if they would meet me, they would see that I usually paint with a different substance, or I use a different stroke. They see through the copy at some point.

By using the elements that make marketing fit you, your business and your personality, you are making a painting that fits that to a Tee.

Marketing is not an exact science, but a product of your creativity. So enjoy the process and have fun!

How marketing affects business